. Scatolificio Emmepi Box Factory, Vinci, Italy - Cardboard packagings of different weights and corrugations, packagings for the shipment of hanging garments


Sustainability, recycle and safety are fundamental concepts for Emmepi Box Factory.


The company uses mainly sustainable and environmentally friendly raw materials. The colors used for the personalization of exteriors are composed of only water and ink and are free from contaminants.


Paper and cardboard are suitable materials for recycling. For this reason the company is daily committed to collect and accurately separate industrial wastes in such a way to be delivered to operators which recover and dispose of the suitable materials.


The use of quality raw materials, their certified origin and the constant control of each step of the production process ensure maximum security for customers and for the company’s workers.

Scatolificio Emmepi Box Factory, Vinci, Italy - Big size corrugated cardboard boxes, punched cardboard boxes, special boxes for the shipment of hanging garments: Scatolificio Emmepi Box Factory

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