. Scatolificio Emmepi Box Factory, Vinci, Italy - Cardboard packagings of different weights and corrugations, packagings for the shipment of hanging garments


The cabinet is a very popular product.
The company also produces boxes and packaging for shipment and export of clothing.

In particular, triplex cardboard cabinets with external made of Kraft (system to prevent humidity) are suitable for shipment of products for export.

They are also useful for the transport and the shipment of hanging clothes: these cabinets with punching have a patented housing and different types of support: tube, Velcro, plastic, plastic with handle.

The company has also a special area dedicated to the emergency stock, in order to satisfy urgent requests.
In the ready stock, the cabinet is available in more than 30 sizes.

Scatolificio Emmepi Box Factory, Vinci, Italy - Our products: corrugated cardboard boxes in all sizes, special boxes for the shipment of clothing

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